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    rich:graphValidator message assignment

    Joseph Dessey Newbie

      When using a <rich:graphValidator>, is there any way to assign a cross-field validation error message to a particular id?  The goal is to be able to define multiple rich:message tags in different locations on the same page, all resulting from a single graphValidator.


      A (very) rough example -


      on the bean -


      public boolean isValid1(){

      return false}



      public boolean isValid2(){

      return false}


      on the page -


      <rich:graphValidator value="#{gvBean}">

           <rich:message id="message1" for="isValid1" \>

           <rich:message id="message2" for="isValid2" \>



      Looking for the ability to associate a message1 with isValid1().  I believe I could accomplish this with multiple graphValidators which each execute a particular group of annotations, but I would rather not introduce that complexity, along with multiple clones of the same object.  Thanks