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    Cannot connect to JBoss instance using FQDN

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      We have two JBoss instances (on the same machine) running on ports 8080 and 8180.  I've created two additional instances to split out some of the web applications into their own servers (web application upgrades required different JBoss configurations).  These instances are running on 8280 and 8380.


      However, when I'm logged into the server machine, I can connect to the JBoss instance fine using http://localhost:8280.  However, when I use http://machinename:8280 or http://FQDN:8280, the connection fails.


      I get the same results using telnet, i.e. telnet localhost 8280 work, but telnet machinename 8280 fails.


      MY P.O.S. IT department says there is no firewall affecting this machine.  The machine is internal only, no external access, so is not in a DMZ.


      Any ideas as to what could be causing this issue with the new JBoss instances?




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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          How do you start the JBoss and what version it is?

          I suppose you start without option "-b x.x.x.x", in this case current JBoss versions only bind against the interface.


          Try -b to bind against all, or -b <your IP> to bind against your IP address.


          If you have still used -b you may have a firewall in between

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            Scott Bass Newbie



            Summary:  -b fixed the problem.


            Details:  We're experiencing stability and out-of-memory errors with our 4.2.2 JBoss web applications.  The vendor (SAS) recommended upgrading from JDK 5/JBoss 4.2.0 to JDK 6/JBoss 4.2.3.  Another vendor (Futrix) suggested splitting out the SAS & Futrix web applications into their own server instances (currently all web apps are in the one JBoss server instance)


            The old instances run as a service using wrapper.exe and wrapper.conf.  I was running the new instance from run.bat while I work out the kinks in the software migration.  I'll install them as a service as a final step.


            I'd missed the -b parameter from wrapper.conf when I started the new instances using run.bat.  Adding -b to the run.bat command line caused the new instances to listen on both localhost and machinename.


            Thanks for the help.  Much appreciated.