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    Richfaces 4, JSF 2 packaging question - converter not registering

    Gurinder Randhawa Newbie

      We are encountering a  [JSF 1006: Cannot instantiate converter of type xxxx] error. We have a packaging structure of


      Old package scheme (working)






      New package scheme (not working)





      We used to package converters in WEB-INF/classes folder and all @ManagedBean and @FacesConverter classes are scanned, we are trying a different packaging scheme for re-usability by packaging these converters and other JSF components in a jar file as above, however they are not scanned by web container and instantiated when upon container startup or when first invoked? Seems like they don't get registered? Please advise if this is a bug or packaging constraints


      Note, if i don't package them inside JAR and inside WEB-INF/classes works fine.



      Example converter:


      @FacesConverter(value = "phoneTypeConverter")


      public class PhoneTypeConverter extends AbstractEnumConverter {


          protected Class<? extends Enum> getEnumType() {

              return PhoneType.class;