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    Endpoint name in proxied webservice is incorrect

    Brian Blasko Newbie

      I have a simple esb called csv-example-esb.xml.  The content of the esb files has one proxied web service.  When I deploy

      it appears to be truncating the name of my esb when generating the URL for the http proxy.






      <service category="mib-ellipse"
         description="Invoke a ping test to Ellipse via Proxy" invmScope="GLOBAL"
         invmTransacted="false" name="EchoService">
        <http-gateway name="HTTP-PROXY-GATEWAY" />
       <actions mep="RequestResponse">
        <action name="echo-request"
         <property name="message" value="Message before SOAPProxy" />
        <action name="proxy-invoke-new-version" 
         <property name="wsdl" 
          value="http://ellipse-server/services/EchoService?WSDL" />
        <action name="echo-response" class="org.jboss.soa.esb.actions.SystemPrintln">
         <property name="message" value="Message after SOAPProxy" />





      When I deploy the esb, it deploys OK but the generated WSDL is not rewritting the URL correctly and the contract page has the wrong URL.

      Since I am using the http-gateway, the URL should be the following.




      But the contract page has



      and the WSDL returned from working URL has the wsdlsoap:address incorrect as well


      <wsdlsoap:address location="http://N000129:8080/csv-sa/http/mib-ellipse/EchoService" />


      What is causing this problem and how do I correct it.