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    JBPM 5.2 and tomcat 7.0 and oracle 10 integration

    sethuv2000 Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am trying to set up the environment for JBPM 5.2 and tomcat and oracle database integration. I followed several posts that talks about jbpm 5 and tomcat. But I could not have this working. I can get into JBPM-CONSOLE and its all empty a which is expected.


      Database tables are not created. In the post some one said once you start the tomcat based on the annotaions jbpm-console or guvnor-server would create the table. I am trying to use BTM as transaction manger.


      And there are several components to add to the complication here BIRT, GUVNOR, DROOLS and on top Datasource configuration at several places...? Also purpose and descriptions of these components would be helpfull.. to understand.


      BTM configuration url. http://docs.codehaus.org/display/BTM/Tomcat13

      talks about two datasource XA and NonXA is it necessary to configure both and how?



      Any help would highly appreciated.