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    Internationalization question

    subarashi Newbie

      Hi everyone, I don't know how to make this short but I'll try as much as possible.


      I am currently evaluating differents frameworks, and am having only one problem with richfaces 4.1 FINAL : internationalization.


      I would like to access the resource bundle messages via the managedbean, and am having trouble finding a usable message factory.


      Here is the situation : The interface org.richfaces.application.MessageFactory seems to be equivalent to com.sun.faces.util.MessageFactory or org.primefaces.util.MessageFactory.


      However, the implementation takes an enum as a messageId (and then converts it to a String ? Why ?) and the getMessage methods aren't declared as static, involving the need of instantiating the class, and thus, loose internationalization ? (specifically refering to one file, which I could do without calling the factory !)


      So here's the question : Is it still possible to push messages in the FacesContext, displayed by a rich:messages, containing bundle message and additional information ? Or is everything only meant for the richfaces components and can't be called for external use ?


      I hope I made things clear enough, but I doubt it. Anyhow, help would be much appreciated, I'd like to use richfaces in the end, it sounds as it's the most mature among what I've tested so far.


      Cheers !