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    What is the status of replication and automatic synchronization of a backup server?

    Todd Gould Novice

      We are presently evaluating a transition to HornetQ.  However, we are a bit confused on this specific issue.


      In the 2.1 version of the User Manual, section on page 173 it says:


      "The next release of HornetQ will provide functionality for automatically synchronizing a new backup node to a live node without having to temporarily bring down the live node."


      This is exactly the bahvior we are looking for.  However, the 2.2.5 version of the User Manual, section on page 223 says:


      "Replication will be available in the next release of HornetQ."


      I have googled a it but have not found anything clearly delineating the status.  Has replication been (temporarily or permanently) removed or disabled?  If not, does the automatic synchronization now work?  Is this just a documentation error?  As this capability is critical to our needs, we are looking for a clear view of the present and planned status.