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    Runtime Environment 7.1 Default Config 3.3M5

    Mark Rosenthal Newbie

      On 3.3M5, I've created a 7.1 runtime env and set the JRE to a Java 1.6 installation.

      When creating a new Dynamic Web Project, the project configuration "Default JBoss 7.1 runtime configuration" insists on configuring a non-existent (in my case) 1.7 JRE by default.


      The symptoms are deployable class files built at 1.7 which fail at deployment when a 1.7 JRE is not present.


      This can be worked around by modifying the default configuration during project creation.  After project creation, this can be worked around by changing the project Java Facet and Compiler Compliance Level.


      The desired behavior is for the "Default JBoss 7.1 runtime configuration" during project creation to utilize the setting in the configured JBoss 7.1 Server runtime by default.