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    AS7 Module creation guide / help

    rurounijones Newbie

      Hello all.


      I am rather new to JBoss (Hence the Beginner's corner post) and Java generally. I am actually using Torquebox and JRuby but this question is related to general JBoss AS7 modules rather than Torquebox.


      I need to create an AS7 module that will allow all my deployments access to the JMuPDF PDF renderer ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/jmupdf/ ). This is slightly more complex than a normal module in that it uses native libraries (.so and .dll) as well as jars.


      I have scrounged and googled around the internet for documentation on how to create AS7 modules but have come up relatively short so the first question is does anyone have the link to the official, hopefully comprehensive, AS7 module creation guide?


      Based on what I did find so far and looking at how other modules are layed out I have the following so far.




      The README in that repository has all the details.


      Basically I am not sure what I am missing / what is stopping the module from working properly.


      As mentioned before I think the lack of exports in the module.xml file may be an issue? I use the following parts of JMuPDF in the applications, do they need to be explicitly exported in module.xml?








      I also noticed in the documentation that I did find that native libraries may need special handling (unfortunately that section was blank). Does anyone have any pointers regarding that?


      I am hoping it is a rather basic thing I am missing due to lack of java/jboss experience.


      Any help would be much appreciated.