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    Need jbpm 5 examples

    Sanket Srimany Newbie


      I'm exploring jBPM and am new to it. I'm able to create simple processes and execute them using the startProcess method but I need some examples demonstrating the signalEvent method implementation and the methods of the interface ProcessEventListener. Please could anyone provide me with some sood sample codes. I've searched the site but couldnt find any.


      Thanks in Advance.

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          Esteban Aliverti Master

          Here you can find some simple examples using, among other things, ksession.signalEvent(): https://github.com/esteban-aliverti/JBPM-Samples


          Best Regards,

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            Sanket Srimany Newbie

            Thanks for the quick reply Esteban. Will look forward to your answers when I get stuck again.

            BTW one more thing when I was running your examples I was getting a lot of output in the console like:


            Before node entered...

            After node exited...




            Searched a lot but couldn't find any sysout statements that might be generating them. I made my own process in a seperate project and it did not show those output, only the desired ones.


            Could you provide an explanation to this??


            Thanks again..

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              Esteban Aliverti Master

              In the @Before method of each test, where I create the ksession, I'm attaching 2 loggers to it:


              //Console log. Try to analyze it first



              This is the responsible of the System.out you saw


              I'm also also attaching a File Logger. This logger creates an xml representation of the execution that can be viewed using drools/jbpm eclipse plugin under Audit View (you have to open the generated file)


              //File logger: try to open its output using Audit View in eclipse

              File logFile = File.createTempFile("process-output", "");

              System.out.println("Log file= "+logFile.getAbsolutePath()+".log");

              fileLogger = KnowledgeRuntimeLoggerFactory.newFileLogger(ksession,logFile.getAbsolutePath());


              If you get stuck please start new dicussion threads


              Best Regards,

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                Sanket Srimany Newbie

                Thanks a lot that solved my problem, I overlooked ConsoleLogger  in the first place


                I'll definitely start new threads when i get stuck..