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    how to explicitly/dynamically assign JBoss RMI port

    wei0313 Newbie



      I have questions on how to dynamically assign RMI ports.


      I have been doing research on how/if I can store ports info (e.g RMI, http port etc) in database instead of storing in system/env variable or in jboss-service.xml. However, I am unable to find any. I understand I can store, get port info from DB and then dump port info into system/env variables. however I would like to know if there are any built-in and/or 3rd party lib/api which already have the capability to get port info from a DB and JBoss can auto pick up and no need to set as system/env variables.


      If there's no way to store the port info in DB, then another question is:

      Is assigning system/env variables (jboss-service.xml: <attribute name="RmiPort">${JBOSS_RMI_PORT}</attribute> and in .bat: SET JBOSS_RMI_PORT=1098 ) the only to explicitly assign RMI Port? Are there other ways to assign ports? 


      Hope someone can help solving the puzzle.