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    jms-jca-provider retries and guranteed delivery

    joe_boy12 Novice

      hello ESB gurus


      I need your help/opinion here - I am working on a big integration project and we are using JBoss SOA 5.1 stack. I have following functional req.


      1. Listen for a JMS XML message (Queue) - Gateway in main entry to JBoss SOA - OneWay

      2. Need to send this event to 3 (service A, B and C) different WSDL based services - each one has its own XML request structure - I use static router here to fork the event.

      3. Based on certain elements and attributes - fetch the different data from other web services/DBand enrich it. (RequestResponse MEP)

      3. Transform enriched data to the target XML (Smooks/XSLT)

      4. Call WSDL based WS - if Fault is received - move the original message to a fault Queue - else DONE.


      So far this works fine in happy path scenarios - I have a doubt whether it will work when things start go wrong e.g. DB call fails or the intermediate web services (deployed on other hosts) which I use to fetch more data are unavailable or network errors etc. The requirement is 5 retries to send it to point # 4 else move it to designated DLQ for that service (lets say for C goes to C_DLQ). so that I dont lose the original message. I am using jms-jca-provider for gateway in and have mix-n-match transports internally before sending to WS.


      Has anybody developed such things before (I am sure many of you must have)? any suggestions on how things can be better?




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          bingozzz bingozzz Newbie

          you cound try these:

          1、defined an topic,your three services have an jms-jca-provide gateway ref to the topic queue

          2、defined three queue,and redefined their DQL using your fault queue:

            <mbean code="org.jboss.jms.server.destination.QueueService"


              <attribute name="DLQ">fault queue name</attribute>



             hree services  ref to these queue using jms-jca-provide not-gateway transports

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            joe_boy12 Novice

            that works fine only catch is I need to throw RuntimeException to roll the trx back and which I can do only from my custom action. What I found is "JcaMessageAwareListener" doesnt rollback by default on pipeline faults but "MessageAwareListener" does. so what I had to do is add a catch all Action at the very top - override the processException method and mark the trx rollback only if there is a pipeline fault which moves it to a specified DLQ in activation config. but Activation config has only 5 max resent - so I had to bump it up to whatever number I need - another glitch is if you have maxDelieveryAttempt sepcified in jbm-queue-service.xml on a queue - lesser no wins.