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    AS7 FluxCapacitor - java.lang.package methods not working

    Mehboob Alam Newbie

      I have narrowed down the issue in a very simple servlet. Here is the code snippet -


          Package aPackage = HelloWorld.class.getPackage();       

           writer.println("Class loader: " + HelloWorld.class.getClassLoader().toString());

           writer.println("Package name: " + aPackage.getName());

           writer.println("Package title: " + aPackage.getSpecificationTitle());

           writer.println("Package title: " + aPackage.getSpecificationTitle());




      Class loader: ModuleClassLoader for Module "deployment.HelloWorldServlet.war:main" from Service Module Loader

      Package name: com.mypackage.test

      Package title: null <---(wrong)

      Package version: null <---(wrong)


      There is a manifest file in the jar (and one in the war). I have tested out that the dependency information is being read correctly from the jar manifiest in AS7.


      On AS5/AS6 both the title and version information is returned correctly.


      Am I doing something incorrectly or is this a bug?


      Thanks for your help.