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    Question regarding RF-7190

    Prakash Bande Newbie


      I faced some problem with rich:fileUpload (In IE8 the "Add Files" button is grayed out) that seems to be discussed in https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-7190

      However, it looks like comment by Cody Lerum suggests that button will not be grayed out in compatibility mode (as he says "compatibility mode which will not trigger the bug").

      1. But what I am facing is completely opposite, if I switch "On" the compatibility mode the issue shows-up, and when I switch "Off" compatibility mode the button is gray again.

      2. Also, I am using RF 3.3.2 SR1 (Fix Version of 7190). I am believing that 3.3.2 CR1 is prior to SR1 and hence SR1 should be having the fix.

      Any clarifications on above points?