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    How to migrate Guvnor Knowledge Base packages to another Guvnor?

    byungwoojun Newbie

      I created Knowledge Base packages (added BPMN2 resources) in my local Guvnor. After completion of my unit testing, I want to move the knowledge base packages to another Guvnor, so I don't have to recreate the same packages from the scratch.


      I know I can use a Eclipse project, importing all the resources from Guvnor and then adding the resources to another Guvnor. But, I am looking for a more direct way, for example, export the packages from Guvnor and import the packages into another Guvnor directly. Maybe I can create package snapshots and use the Administration Import/Export??? So, here is my question, how do I export the resource packages to another Guvnor?


      Many thanks in advance,