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    Rich:SimpleTogglePanel in multiple portlets

    Nikhil Chawla Newbie

      I have two portlets, say portlet A and portlet B on a portlal page. Both are using simpletogglepanel of richfaces. But whichever portlet is placed last ( or at bottom ) , simpletogglepanel of that portlet is working. The portlet which is places above, simpletogglepanel is not working and giving javascript error.


      Error: this.panels.get(A) is undefined

      Source File:*&portal:windowState=normal&portal:portletMode=view&portal:resourceID=/org.rf.res/org/richfaces/ui.pack.js&portal:cacheLevel=PAGE

      Line: 14915


      Line 14915 is




      If i interchange the postion of portlets, second one starts working and first one stops.


      I'm stuck with this issue and not getting the reason for such a behaviour.