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    HornetQ and HornetQServer class, discrepancy in documentation of example

    djabba74 Newbie

      I'm referring to the example documentation, hornetq-2.2.5.Final/examples/jms/embedded/readme.html


      Q: Where has the HornetQ and HornetQServer class gone? Which jar of the 2.2.5-Final release do I have to include in my Eclipse project to write code according to the Example?



      There is a discrepancy between the example's documentation and the source code of the Example.





      The readme.html states:


      2. Create the HornetQ core server

                  HornetQServer hornetqServer = HornetQ.newHornetQServer(configuration);

      3. Create and start the JNDI server (using JBoss JNDI implementation)



      but the code effectively starts an EmbeddedJMS, which somehow contains a JNDI server.


      I'm a Newbie. Discrepancies of this sort are extremly confusing for me. Please fix the documentation.