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    Help debugging "Received 'error@malformedXML' event from ..."

    jlpktnst Newbie

      Sometime in the last few days I managed to break perfectly working application.


      I have no clue what I did, I checked cvs history and all seems ok. I guess I am missing the big picture. Anyways before I go totally nuts, is there any other tool/way to debug this error? The outcome is that ajax stops working... The cuprit is a little autocomplete component I made with some help from users on the forum... need to piggyback that ID and so I did.


      I checked the xml and everything seems fine, so I am asking what could trigger this error? Wrong execute= or render= parameters? autocomplete doesn't even have the execute param. I've tried wrapping it in a4j:outputPanel and region to no avail...

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          jlpktnst Newbie

          Well, I have moved the offending stuff closer to the jsf root... and it works.


          So it seems when you nest stuff a bit too much things get all broken up in strange ways. Now I will try to isolate what exactly is the problem here.


          I guess tabPanel could be the thing making trouble...



          edit:  could I set up the tabPanel so that it would switch to another page on click? and I just include a template with tabpanel on top... instead of including all pages inside the tabPanel.