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    Runtime Libs

    Toacy Oliveira Newbie

      Hi all,


         I'm using JBPM4 as the runtime support for a language I've created. In essence I transform this language into JPDL.

          It happens that JBPMN5.2 is out now and I'd like to move my stuff to generate BPMN2 (and benefit on several interesting things such as drools!).


         I've checked the documentation and discussions to solve my problems but ....


         OK.. the problems are:


         - I need a way to wrap JBPM5 as a component so that I can start the whole engine from a java program (just passing the proper config). Is that possible? Any examples? (I did with JBPM4)

         - What are (and where to find) the requied jars? I don't want to use the ant.install as my eclipse is bespoke to my needs.



      Can some one help me?