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    SOLVED: Errai no longer recognizing servlet class name as subject (NoSubscribersToDeliverTo)

    navigateur Newbie

      EDIT: When I made my @Service servlet class implement an Errai @Remote interface, so I can do Errai RPC as well, client-side "createMessage()" is no longer recognizing the servlet class name (e.g. class MyServletClass as "MyServletClass") as a subject in "toSubject()".


      When I get rid of this (by commenting out the @Remote annotation), the original servlet class name works again in "toSubject()".


      Is there a way to manually force the @Service servlet to use a given String as subject? Or what String must I now use in "toSubject()" to send a message to the @Service servlet when it implements an Errai @Remote interface, if not the original servlet class name?