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    AS7, EJB3, JSF, JPA2: LazyInitializationException

    jabu10245 Newbie

      Hello Forum,


      I'm new to AS7 etc. and I'm trying to create a little EAR project in the Standalone environment.

      Here's my project configuration (using Maven):












      <jar>/META-INF/beans.xml => empty beans.xml


      <persistence-unit name="primary">
              <property name="hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto" value="create-drop" />


      and an EJB (for testing purpose as singleton):

      @Singleton @Startup
      public class FooManagerBean implements FooManager {
          private @PersistenceContext EntityManager entityManager;
          public Foo getFoo(String name) { /* JPA lookup using entityManager */ }

      The class Foo is just a mapped entity having Foos as children:


      @Entity @Table(name = "foo")
      public class Foo implements Serializable {
          @Column(name = "name", nullable = false, unique = true, length = 64)
          private String name;
          private Foo parent;  // nullable
          @OneToMany(mappedBy = "parent")
          private List<Foo> children;
          // Getters and Setters, hashCode, equals, toString




      <war>/WEB-INF/beans.xml => empty beans.xml

      <war>/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml => empty JSF 2.0 config xml

      <war>foo.xhtml => displays all root foos with all their children => LazyInitializationException


      @Named @RequestScoped
      public class FooController implements Serializable {


      The FooController uses the

      @EJB FooManager
      to load all root Foo objects, the foo.xhtml should display them with

      all their children. The root Foo objects are being loaded correctly, but when I try to access the

      children a LazyInitializationException is being thrown, because I access them outside the transaction

      scope of the Entity Manager from the FooManager.


      My question is: Is there something like Spring's OpenEntityManagerInViewInterceptor?


      I googled it and found some descriptions using Seam, but I have no experience with that. Is Seam

      party of JBoss AS7? Or do I have to include it in my WAR as a dependency? What version should I

      use? Or is there any simpler way solving my problem?



      Thanks to anyone who can point me to a solution ;-)