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    Serious: Cannot transport an object of any HashMap subclass, including LinkedHashMap: best workaround?

    navigateur Newbie

      I have a custom class which extends HashMap<AnotherCustomClass, YetAnotherCustomClass>, an object of which I need to transport.


      When returning via Errai RPC to the client I get:

      ClassCastException: org.jboss.errai.common.client.types.UHashMap cannot be cast to my.package.MyCustomClass


      EDIT: I definitely need it to work with custom subclasses, as the "YetAnotherCustomClass" also extends LinkedHashMap, and so on. Since I want this fixed quickly, should I contribute it to the Errai source code? If so, how? Or is it already fixed in Errai 2.0, or is it just a quick fix for the Errai devs to do?


      EDIT: a simple LinkedHashMap doesn't work either.


      What's the best workaround? Or could I be doing something else wrong (i.e. should this work already?)?