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    If I chose not to use the large message support - what is required for say a 2 Mb text message?

    Kent Garner Newbie

      My consumer application is coded to perform generic jms calls so that it can support many different jms clients.

      That being said I need to be able to support large messages without the "hornetq" large message support.


      If I want to allow a 2 Mb text message and disable the large message support then are these the correct  configuration options...

      1. set the <journal-buffer-size> to be at least 2Mb.

      2. set the <connection-factory.min-large-message-size> to be larger than the <journal-buffer-size> ( therefore larger than the 2Mb ).

      3. set the <address-settings.max-size-bytes> to be large enough to hold at least one message 2Mb.

      4. insure that the <journal-type> is set. "NIO" in my case (solaris).

      ---- for my use ----

      5. set the <address-settings.address-full-policy> to BLOCK.  This is just my setting for this use.

      6. ignore the <address-settings.page-size-bytes> because I am blocking.