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    <a4j:poll> does not disable once started if there is <h:commandLink /> in form

    Marcin Zasepa Newbie

      We have a problem that a4j:poll does not stop polling once started even if backing bean returns false for enabled property. I tought it is somehow related to our environment configuration, so i created new project from maven archetype richfaces 4.0.0 SNAPSHOT and tried to reproduce the problem. It brought me to following conclusion:

      * If there is no <h:commandLink, for example instaed of them <a4j:commandLink is used then poll can be enabled in disabled on the pagewithout any problems

      * Once <h:commandLinki is added, a4j:poll can be enabled, it starts with polling (Investigated witg Firebug) but once i change the property on the bean, getter is invoked and provides false, but poll request are sent and there is no way to stop it


      In attachment application built from archetype with poll and commandlink. Once Command link is uncomemnted on index.xhtml poll once started does not stop.

      Please investigate it and let me know if this is in fact a bug or I am doing sth wrong.

      Thanks in Advance!