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    Handling Faults leads to log entry: cvc-id.2: There are multiple occurrences of ID value 'TestException'.

    sebb Newbie

      While trying to figure how to deal with exceptions I found the way by "catching" Error Events with a Signal. In order to be able to catch an Error Event I have to do the following things:


      1. Add the metadata key "ErrorEvent" with value "FaultName" of my ErrorEvent (in my case: ErrorEvent:TestException).

      2. Define the EventType of the Signal with a combination of "Error-[node id of subprocess]-[FaultName of my ErrorEvent]" (in my case: Error-_6-TestException).


      But as soon as I do this the log shows the following entries:


      (null: 19, 61): cvc-id.2: There are multiple occurrences of ID value 'TestException'.

      (null: 19, 61): cvc-attribute.3: The value 'TestException' of attribute 'id' on element 'error' is not valid with respect to its type, 'ID'.


      I dont even understand those entries. Of course I will have multiple occurences of the same ID if I reference to it inside my process.


      Any opinions to that problem?