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    HORNETQ-829 Problems in the Javadocs of public API classes

    borges Novice

      Hi everyone,


      I fixed a number of broken references in the Javadocs of our public API classes. There are some remaining problems:


      • both some @param and the text of some methods in HornetQClient have no direct relation to the methods signature. Same for HornetQJMSClient.
      • ObjectNameBuilder has several javadoc references to JMS classes.
      • ObjectNameBuilder.getDiscoveryGroupObjectName(final String name) refers to a class that does not exist, and it is not used anywhere in the codebase.
        • Is this method still relevant? Perhaps we should deprecate or remove it?


      Perhaps it is worth backporting the Javadoc corrections to earlier releases? My commits were tagged with HORNETQ-829.


      If you just turn-on warnings on Javadoc errors in Eclipse, it gets easy to find these when you look at *.api.* packages.