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    Code coverage of JBoss AS 7 testsuite, using JaCoCo - no data in jacoco.exec files

    Ondrej Zizka Master

      I'm trying to get coverage of JBoss AS 7. Here's my branch:



      When I run `mvn clean install -rf testsuite -DallTests -Dcoverage -fae` I get (almost) empty `jacoco.exec` files - just some metadata (size is few bytes).

      The JVM arg line used is:




      This line is passed to Arquillian to use to start JBoss AS 7.

      The testsuite runs, the argument is passed (it appears in AS7's boot.log), but the resulting `jacoco.exec` file is only few bytes in size. The report of course shows no coverage.


      What am I doing wrong?