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    Using the Response Time module in RHQ

    Rich Raposa Novice

      I am confused by something: I want to use mod_rt to monitor response times of Apache httpd. I followed all the steps in the documentation (build mod_rt.so and loaded the module in httpd.conf), and I now have a new log file that contains all the response times. I'm glad to have that part working, but here is my question: how does this information in the log file relate to the RHQ UI? More specifically, is there a way to view this response time data within the UI and include it as persistent monitoring statistics of my Apache web server resource?


      If not, then I am confused as to why mod_rt is associated with RHQ/JON. It seems like I could have configured and used mod_rt w/out the need for RHQ.


      Thanks for your help!