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    a4j:queue - enabling concurrent requests

    Carsten Jahn Newbie


      using RF4.1 final and MyFaces 2.1.5, I tried to enable concurrent ajax request processing.

      There does not seem to be an option to set a timeout on a queue, or to allow a queue to start up to n parallel requests?

      Even using two queues, I found that a request in one queue has to wait until a request in the other queue is completed.

      Is it possible to disable queuing altogether, and send a request immediately, no matter if other requests are pending or not?

      Thanks and best regards,


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          Kevin Farrell Newbie

          Hi Carsten,


          Did you get anywhere on this or come up with a workaround?


          I have the very same issue.




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            Carsten Jahn Newbie

            Hi Kevin,


            I changed some of my a4j:commandButtons to h:commandButton to get a full page refresh (including working queues), because these buttons already did an almost complete page refresh with ajax. The h:commandButton does of course always work, even if the a4j queue is blocked.


            I also found that the a4j queue can be blocked if the user clicks an ajax-enabled element while the page is still loading. I cannot reproduce this, however, sometimes the first click during page load is just swallowed and further clicks work as expected.


            So it's not even a workaround.


            Anyone else experiencing blocked queues (even if the server already responded)?