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    Looking for confirmation about jboss.partition.name

    lindsaybraine Newbie

      With reference to JBoss 7.1:


      I am trying to understand what has happened to the jboss.partition.name parameter that was present in AS 4,5 and 6.


      Posts on various threads around JBoss.org seem to suggest that AS7 no longer needs  jboss.partition.name ? Is this true ?


      There is an inference in some posts on this site and others that a 'domain' is effectively a 'partition' - but I am looking into managing separate clusters as a single management domain (becasue I thought that the domain was not the same as a cluster).


      The excellant presentation at https://www.jboss.org/dms/AS7/as7webinar/AS7-clustering-webinar.pdf does not shed any light (well, at least not to me ) as to how we would ensure separation of data flow between two clusters run on the same LAN ?


      What am I missing / not understanding ?


      Any insight would be appreciated.