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    2.1.2 to 2.2.5 migration

    Mike Charnoky Newbie

      Hopefully this is a quick question. We are planning an upgrade of a 2 node HornetQ cluster from 2.1.2 to 2.2.5. Are there any configuration changes that I need to be aware of? Should I be able to just drop the new installation in place and copy over the old config files? I do realize that I need to update the libraries (jar files) used by the clients so that they can communicate with the server. Didn't see anything particular in the documentation, so this seems like it should be pretty straightforward. Thanks!



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          Mike Charnoky Newbie

          I diffed all the default config files, so maybe this answers my question... Overall, seems like most config is the same, so I'm guessing we can just copy over the old config with the following modifications:


          * hornetq-jms.xml: <xa> is now specified in the <connection-factory>

          * hornetq-configuration.xml: <connector-ref> syntax in the <cluster-connections> section is slightly different:

            OLD: <connector-ref connector-name="netty"/>

            NEW: <connector-ref>netty</connector-ref>


          Oh, forgot to mention, we are using standalone/clustered config.