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    Create Enterprise Application Project in Eclipse

    Adrián Córdoba Newbie

      Hi, there!

      I just finished a Java EE course. There, I learned to develop Enterprise Applications with NetBeans and Glassfish.

      Now, I want to start to work with Eclipse 3.7 and JBoss 7. (I'm newbie in JBoss world.)

      Can anybody tell me where can I find a good tutorial to develop an Enterprise Application from scratch?

      Is Maven strictly necessary to work with JBoss?

      I saw some documentation from www.jboss.org, like Getting Started Developing Applications Guide but there shows some examples importing projects and with Maven, and I don't know Maven.

      I need to learn to create an Enterprise Application Project to work with JBoss 7, an so on.

      Thank you in advance.


      Adrián E. Córdoba