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    JAX-WS response compression

    jozko Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am using jboss-4.2.3.GA. My own web services is running on this jboss server and  I am using Java application as java applet inside web page to call this services. I want to compress response from web service (because are transfered large dates), but I don't know how set it on Jboss server.



      I finded some solutions of this problem as:

      - adding attribute compression="on" into <connector> definition in file server.xml

      - change InvocationMarshaller and InvocationUnMarshaller to CompressingMarshaller and CompressingUnMarshaller in jboss-service.xml



      This solutions works only for standard HTML page and others types, but not for web service response. I try and test this in application SoapUI, where I call web service and read header of response.

      Is needed something other to configure on jboss server? Or what I must do to set compressing of web service response.





      Can you help me please?

      Thanks a lot.