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    Missing "wait for completition option" in designer

    hamsterdancer Newbie

      Hi there,


      in comparison between the designer in Guvnor and the one in eclipse I've seen some differences I don't understand.


      The most important one to me is the missing "wait for completition" option in the designer in Guvnor.


      In addition to it, I'm missing the "Timers"-option (I've never used it yet. But I'm wondering why it exists in eclipse and not in the designer in Guvnor)


      Is there any Workaround how to activate it except for using the eclipse Designer or editing the xml code manually? Because of it is also not possible (or at least I don't know how^^) to check any process out of Guvnor with the eclipse plugins. (Except for you've checked it in before. We don't really want to let someone use the something else than the designer in Guvnor because of it's pretty convenient)


      EDIT: I'm using the Full installation package of jBPM5.2 with the designer to find at "http://people.redhat.com/tsurdilo/designer/master/"