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    Should I use HornetQ JCA or just JMS connections?

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      I read several articles and discussions, but I still don't catch what to do:

      Should I use the HornetQ JCA implementation (which is usually accessible in JBoss by "java:/JmsXA") or use the "normal" JMS factories ( like "java:/ConnectionFactory" etc.) for working with JMS queues/topics inside JEE components (in my case, Stateless EBJs for sending and receiving messages).

      I used to work with normal JMS connection factories, and recently I changed the code to work with JmsXA. The advantage for me was that I don't have to think about connection pooling, because JCA will take care of that.

      But in my use case (sending quite small messages very fast) I noticed that the application performs better with the normal way - that means using the JMS connection factories and reusing the connection, sessions and producer objects.


      There is definetly much potential to improve performance in my application, but as a general question: When should I use the HronetQ JCA implemenation, and if I use it, can I assume that the JCA is at least as fast as the "native" JMS usage?