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How does jboss-structure.xml's moditification attribute influence classpath in JBoss 5.1?

Piotr Findeisen Newbie

Hi All,


I am trying to deploy on JBoss 5.1 an application that correctly deploys and runs on JBoss 4.2.3.

Appart from obvious class loading configuration issues (we use parent-last policy, so the configuration must be altered, i.e. jboss-classloading.xml had to be created) I'm having trouble with class path scanning.


The problem is: I am unable to persuade JBoss 5.1 to unpack EAR into tmp dir and have classpath reference the unpacked files. Without this, i cannot create JarInputStream to read all files. I know about Snowdrop, but Snowdrop solves the problem in Spring and here the class path scanning is not done by Spring, it is done by application code.


Project structure:

-  my.jar
    - com.example.Some.class
-  my.war


When i do something like classLoader.getResources("com.example") it returns something like


What i would like to get is something like below, so that i can locate and read the jar by myself:


Is it somehow possible?