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    Extending Existing Richfaces Project

    John Bize Newbie



      An existing Maven WAR project uses the following technologies: Spring3.1, Hibernate3.5/JPA2, JSF2/Richfaces4.1, & JEE Security.  I now need to extend it to add workflow, so I am evaluating jBPM for that.  The application is role based in that when a user logs in, he is presented a different view of the application and data based on his roles.  Likewise, once the new workflow component is added, the user will also be presented with a list (inbox?) of pending tasks/activities (Human Tasks?) based on his role (JEE Security role as in "HttpServletRequest.isUserInRole()").  I would prefer to use Tomcat 6 or 7 as the AS, with all the relevant libraries in the WAR, not the AS.


      My first question: Is jBPM suited (the best choice) for this?


      And if it is, are there available examples to help me through this? 


      I am very new to jBPM, though I have some past experience with ALBPM6 (now Oracle BPM of course). 


      Should I be starting with the jBPM5 demo?  It's not clear to me what the "ant start.human.task" piece is doing.  Is that used to run the various examples in eclipse (JVM)?  I've run some of the "ProcessTest" examples in the "jbpm-examples" project and I've noticed that they do not exit when the workflows are complete.  Is this intentional behavior?  (I haven't looked to see what threads remain.)


      Any help, tips, suggestions, or examples would be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you very much.