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    Add an external resource to jboss 7 classpath

    Valerio Spadaro Newbie

      I know there is a new module classloading system and according to these threads (https://community.jboss.org/message/616731 and https://community.jboss.org/message/615826#615826) i must put my resource file inside a package jar/war/ear to be deployed in jboss.


      But i have this problem: i use http://www.jgroups.org/ in my application and to use encrypted communication i need to put a java keystore in classpath, as you read in jgroups javadoc:


      This is the simplest option and can be used by simply inserting the Encryption layer at any point in the JGroup stack - it will encrypt all Events of a type MSG that have a non-null message buffer. The format of the entry in this form is:

      <ENCRYPT key_store_name="defaultStore.keystore" store_password="changeit" alias="myKey"/>

      An example bare-bones.xml file showing the keystore version can be found in the conf ina file called EncryptKeyStore.xml - along with a defaultStore.keystore file.

      In order to use the Encrypt layer in this manner it is necessary to have the secretKey already generated in a keystore file. The directory containing the keystore file must be on the application's classpath. You cannot create a SecretKey keystore file using the keytool application shipped with the JDK. A java file called KeyStoreGenerator is included in the demo package that can be used from the command line (or IDE) to generate a suitable keystore.



      In jboss 6 i simply modifed the start script to include in -classpath option the path of my keystore.


      In jboss 7, due to the new module classloader, it's impossible to do this.


      What can i do?