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    How to controll data scrolling in datatable

    Chandra Mahesh Newbie

      Hi Team,

      I have a requirement where i have a tab with two adjacent datatables.
      Both have same number of columns. If i move the scrollbar of one table the corresponding table's scroll bar should move to the same extent.

      How can i achieve this in richfaces?
      Is is required for me to create a custom component? if yes, what approach should i take?
      Is it possible by using 'rich:scrollableDataTable' component?

      Currently i am using 'rich:datatable' component. It's ok for me to use any datatable component, but it should work.

      Note: By scrollbar i mean the general scrollling component, not the datascroller available in richfaces.

      I am new to JSF and richfaces.
      Please advice me the correct approach to find the solution.