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    HornetQ security with multiple *-hornetq-jms.xml files

    Todd Gould Novice

      Within my JBoss 6.1.0 deployment, I am attempting to have multiple *-hornetq-jms.xml files to seprately manage the various queues that are ocassionally and dynamically created/destroyed as part of our application.  This appears to work fine for queue defintion alone.


      However, I would like to be able to declare the security settings associated with these queues in those files as well.  However, the XSD does not appear to allow that.   Is the only way to declare security constraints in the hornetq-configuration.xml file?  If that is the only way, can we somehow have multiple of those file types as well that just declare security-settings alone?  I intend to have a server wide common set of acceptors and connectors that would be used by individual queues (each of which may have their own security-settings).

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          Todd Gould Novice

          I have figured out that you can also create multiple *-hornet1-configuration.xml files.  Each of these can be sparsely populated.  So I can create a separte *-hornetq-configuration.xml file for each individual queue that just contains a <security-settings> element.  This works.  However, it does create an unfortunate dual point of maintenance for the queue definition and the associated security config in separate files.  However, it is functional.

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            Craig Skinfill Newbie

            Just checking, but do you mean you can define something like group1-hornetq-jms.xml, group2-hornetq-jms.xml, and group3-hornet-jms.xml and hornetq will load them each?  Do you need to configure anything else differently to load the seperate hornetq-jms.xml files?  Or am I totally mis-reading these posts?

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              Todd Gould Novice

              Yes, you can have group1-hornetq-jms.xml, group2-hornetq-jms.xml and group3-hornetq-jms.xml files to define the various queues/topics you want for each group.  You can also have group1-hornetq-configuration.xml, group2-hornetq-configuration.xml and group3-hornetq-configuration.xml files to define specific <security-settings> for the addresses you creates in the former files.


              All will be picked up as based upon these names without any additional configuration.