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    Problem with ContainerController and passing config

    George Vagenas Newbie

      I am using ContainerController to manually start and stop the container between test executions and pass new configuration parameters if needed. The problem is that once i pass some parameters for a test, the new configuration with the extra parameters is still there for the next test, if the test doesn't define any extra parameters and should work only with the configuration provided by arquillian.xml.


      What i was expecting is to add extra configuration parameters for a specific test case and start the container, for the next test execution and if the test doesn't define any extra configuration parameters, it should start with the default configuration as defined in the arquillian.xml. Instead what is happenming is the following:


      1. Test1 -> define extra param1=12345 -> containerController.start(container, extraParameters1) -> Configuration = arquillian.xml + param1 - OK
      2. Test2 -> define extra param2 =54321-> containerController.start(container, extraParameters2) -> Configuration = arquillian.xml + param2 - OK
      3. Test3 -> define NO EXTRA PARAM -> containerController.start(container) -> Configuration = arquillian.xml + param2                       - NOT OK


      If the previous test started the container with some extra parameters (param2) and the next test doesn't define any extra parameters, the configuration keeps the previous extra parameters instead of discard them.


      On the containerController.stop() the configuration should be updated again.


      I guess this is a bug.


      I tested with 1.0.0.CR7 and the latest Core master branch.