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    rich:editor RF 4.1 and JSF Mojarra

    iabughosh Master


      I've this rich:editor code in my page (RF 4.1 Final) :

      <rich:editor value="#{richBean.contents}">

         <a4j:ajax event="change" render=":aPanel"/>

         <a4j:ajax event="dirty" render=":aPanel">

            <a4j:attachQueue requestDelay="5000" ignoreDupResponses="true"/>




      I've tested with the following JSF configuration :

      1-Mojarra-2.0.3 : fails to submit & render aPanel

      2-Mojarra-2.1.6 : same same.

      3-MyFaces-2.0.1: success.


      PS: if use ondirty='window.alert('something')' or onchange='window.alert('something')' alert appears for all configuration but for 1 & 2 no submit or render occures,


      can you confirm if this a RichFaces or Mojarra Bug ?