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    RK 39 Newbie

      Hi ,


      I am facing a problem using rich datascroller .


      As per the requirment we have to disable the last button in datascroller. By default it shows all the buttons in datascroller.


      I tried to disable it like this


      <f:facet name="last_disabled" />


      This is not working.



      I created my own custom renderer class and overrided DataScrollerRenderer

      and commented the code to disable.

      And I configured in my  faces-config.xml like this













      But my DataScrollerCustRenderer class is not called. Everytime DataScrollerRenderer class is been called . So, I edited the the faces-config.xml in richfaces jar and replaced it with my  custom renderer class.

      After doing that my custom Renderer class is called. So, now i can disable the last button.


      I want to call my custom renderer class through my faces-config.xml instead of from richfaces faces-config.xml.


      Pls any one help out in this. I am struggling since 1 week.


      Thanks & Regards,