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    JBPM5 factory.connection()

    Estelle Guallar Newbie
      Hi forums,
      If some one please tell me how can i add a name to connection of a  factory  "factory.connection(ids, idt) ".
      after the ganeration of the xml file i have this :

      <!-- connections -->

          <sequenceFlow id="_1-_2" sourceRef="_1" targetRef="_2"/>

          <sequenceFlow id="_2-_3" sourceRef="_2" targetRef="_3"/>

          <sequenceFlow id="_3-_4" sourceRef="_3" targetRef="_4"/>

      i want to add the attribite name in the generate file to became like this :

      <sequenceFlow id="_1-_2" sourceRef="_1" targetRef="_2" name "blabla"/>

      how can i do it?
      Thank you