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    tree problem

    soso xuc Newbie

      Im using tree on my form

      it has many nodes and every node represents commandlink.

      the commandlink is ajaxsingle bu when i click the commandlink whole tree is submitted and the request reaches about 100kb.

      how to prevent submitting whole tree with 100 nodes ?

      i tried jsFunction in commandlink but the result is the same.

      below comes source code

      thanks in advance

       <rich:tree switchType="client"
       value="#{persons_backing.sendTargetsTree}" var="node">
       <a4j:commandLink value="#{node.targetName}"
       style="font-size:12px;" action="#{persons_backing.addPersonToList}"
       ajaxSingle="true" reRender="tblTargetPersons">
       <f:param name="personId" value="#{node.targetId}" />
       <f:param name="personType" value="#{node.targetType}" />
       <f:param name="personName" value="#{node.targetName}" />