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    Jetty module

    John -/- Newbie

      Hi all,


      any chance to see in the near future a Jetty module for JBoss 7, so that we can use Jetty instead of JBoss Web for deploying WEB applications?

      Why I am asking it? Jetty has a rock-solid support for WebSockets and JBoss Web not. I know that JBoss Web is based on Tomcat and Tomcat have to provide WebSockets support in the future (they already started to work on it) as JEE7 will add WebSockets support to the Servlet spec. But Tomcat devs and JBoss Web devs will need some time to get it ready for the production and we can not wait. Glassfish has already support for WebSockets, when you use newer versions of Grizzly. I have tested it and it works very well. But I have been used JBoss for very long time and I don't really like to switch to Glassfish.


      Thanks in advance for your answers!


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