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    xsl-Fo and jboss

    rg8458s Newbie

      is it correct that there is no way to use Xsl-fo in the Jboss ESb? if there's a way please say me how this works!

      I will generate from a .fo-file a .pdf-file

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          I'm not terribly familiar with XSL-FO but it looks like you need a processor to do the layout and rendering.      There's no built in support for that in JBoss ESB, but it looks like there's an Apache FOP project that contains a java-based processor.      I only took a brief look at it, but it looks like you could probably build a custom action around Apache FOP and have the ESB produce PDF files if you so desire.     I'd take a look at the XsltAction for starters.

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            rg8458s Newbie

            Thanks for Responding, i didn't  found a solution for this, so at the moment it is for me impossible to use xsl-fo in the jboss esb