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    Ad-hoc Sub-process -Incompatibility between BPMN2 process editor and BPMN2 Visual Editor

    A Bahr Newbie


      I am trying to build an ad-hoc process using the example in the document. However, ad-hoc process is only available on BPMN2 Visual editor and not BPMN2 process editor. The problem with Visual editor is that it will mess the XML and cause lots of error. For example if you try to edit and save the ad-hoc examples with  BPMN2 Visual Editor you will get error. On the other hand Ad-hoc is only available on the Visual editor and not process editor. My question is how do one builds ad-hoc processes? I've seen a Video by Kris on ad-hoc that he uses the bpmn2 process editor but doesn't talk about how he has created them.  Any help on issues with BPMN2 visual editor or how one can create ad-hoc process on bpmn2 process editor is very much appreciated.