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    Is this a known issue that HornetQ 2.2.5.Final may have Page files not removed after messages are consumed?

    yanny wang Newbie

          I startup the FornetQ 2.2.5 Final server with stand-alone,non-cluster model with Page mode enabled.


      I create a normal queue and use Core API to send 1M message to the queue, 223 paging files are generated for this queue.


      I then start 50 listeners to consume the queue, the first 114 page files are removed but at certain point, the connection was killed and the listeners can't consume any more messages.


      I restart the 50 listerns and they continue to consume messages but from that moment, all the page files (starting from 115 to 223) remains and the listeners get duplicate messages (which is because the page files remain in the system I guess).


      I seem to see the bug mentioned Paging has problems when redeliveryDelay >0 and strict redelivery is set. I did set redeliveryDelay to 2000 but what is the default value for the strict redelivery option?


      Here is my configuration:



            <security-setting match="#">

               <permission type="createNonDurableQueue" roles="guest"/>

               <permission type="deleteNonDurableQueue" roles="guest"/>

               <permission type="consume" roles="guest"/>

               <permission type="send" roles="guest"/>





            <!--default for catch all-->

            <address-setting match="#">












            <cluster-password>avoid warn</cluster-password>