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    Language switching portlet

    Anitha Ramaiah Newbie

      Hi All,

      I am using language change portlet. Initially I got this error ‘Classnot found exception: org.sourceforge.wurfl.api.wurflsource’. Then I added wurfltags.jar and it is resolved.

      Now I am getting this error PortletInitializationException. See the screenshot for the same.  I have attached the jsp and the java file for reference.



      Please help me in resolving this.


      Also tell me if it is possible to add additional buttons in the portlet window like ‘close’, ‘print’ and ‘download’. If yes, please tell me how I can do that. I want to use this language change portlet instead of the default built-in menu in GateIn portal. So tell me how I can add this portlet in the portal. It has to be present as if it is embedded in the portal as other portlets(Home page portlet, navigation portlet) did.